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US EPA Adopts an "Enforcement First" Policy to Ensure Institutional Control Effectiveness


While the liability protections offered landowners under the Brownfields Amendments are a "carrot" for maintaining institutional controls, the United States Environmental Protection Agency is also using a "stick" approach, by wielding its enforcement powers.  US EPA's Office of Site Remediation and Enforcement has directed the agency’s program and enforcement staff, as well as Department of Justice, to pursue any actions necessary to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of institutional controls.
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    Assuring Federal Protection Against Cleanup Costs

    All Appropriate Inquiry Alone Does Not Afford Federal Liability Protection

    Many property owners have been led to believe, upon completion of their All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) prior to purchasing a piece of commercial property, that they will enjoy federal liability protections under the Brownfield Amendments to Superfund/CERCLA.  Yet, the Brownfields Amendments clearly require that such owners satisfy their "continuing obligations" in order to maintain their federal liability protection.

    American Brownfields Assurance Company, Inc. and the Sentinel Stewardship Companies, are uniquely positioned to work together with property owners to provide resources and tools that property owners might utilize to satisfy their continuing obligations under the Brownfields Amendments and to secure federal liability protection. 

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